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It's insane:' Surge in demand for face masks, good quality medical masks are unprecedented'

The coronavirus cause on shortages of many things including face masks, toilet paper and even food, but it also has triggered an unexpected shortage in good quality medical masks. For this reason let J D Global Trading Company become Taiwan Face Masks wholesale.

People may think “what are you talk about”. I just buy a box of face masks that show medical masks on box. Did medical masks print on the box that mean the masks you buy is medical masks? Did face masks have water repellent outer layer without FDA approved can protact the wearer?

We can do the test by pour some water onto the outer layer to find out did its water repellent or not and do fire melt test on middle layer fiber of face masks. You also can do some search on website by type in “test medical masks or test surgical masks” to find out the masks you purchase is really protect you by reduce coronavirus spread droplet by cough, sneeze, or talk. By the way the middle layer Bacterial Filtration Efficiency test must do it by lab. So, Buy the face masks or medical masks with FDA approved is more important and easy way to protact ourself without doing test and warry about it.

Did good quality masks is matter? Yes, it does. The research shows a 12-layerd cloth mask equal a surgical mask protect people to reduce infection risk by 67 percent. So, why a good quality medical masks are so important to protect people. Let we think about it which one will easy to breath by compare 12-layer cloth mask and 3-layer medical masks.

Medical masks are use for protects the wearer by creating a barrier to the virus or body fluid that may contain the virus. So, FDA regulated masks that need fluid resistant and provide the wearer protection against large droplets, splashes, or sprays of bodily or other hazardous fluids. Medical masks will protects the wearer by creating a barrier to the virus or body fluid that may contain the virus.

The middle layer of melt-blown non-woven material acts as the filter with static electricity to stop some large particles because they don't fit through a hole. Small particles are stopped when they stick to a middle layer fiber inside the mask. When a particle touches a fiber will sticks to it, that particle is captured by middle layer fiber of the mask. Why small particle is captured by middle layer fiber of the mask? Because middle layer fiber have static electricity on it. So, electrostatic attraction let a negative-charge particle is attracted to a positive-charge fiber.

The motion of the particle through the material determines when the particle will touch a fiber. Large particles just don't go through the holes. Very small particles will do random motion of particles, so the path of the particle is very long and likely to intercept a fiber. The middle size, around 0.3 microns, are the ones that are least likely to be captured. That is why masks are rated for their Bacterial Filtration Efficiency at capturing particles of that size.

How about face masks without water repellent outer layer and FDA approved? The coronavirus spread by droplets and aerosols which includes with coronavirus. The coronavirus will be easy to pass through the face masks which without water repellent outer layer and low Bacterial Filtration Efficiency. Most surgical face masks use by healthcare organizations in the world this time. Because increased use may exceed the available supply of PPE, resulting in shortages at some healthcare organizations that also create the medical masks shortage too.

J D Global Trading Company have good luck have relationship with those Taiwan high quality medical masks manufacture. So, we start to export those medical masks to other country and import to United State to supply who need best quality made in Taiwan face masks.

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≥99% PFE/BFE/VFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency)

Water repellent outer layer

Three Layer Protection

Disposable and Maintenance-free

Eco-friendly and Adjustable Nose Clip for a Proper Fit

Filters Dust & Pollen

Meets or exceeds ASTM 1 BFE requirements

FDA Registration

Not for surgical healthcare use


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