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Recycling auto body scrap, scrap car body is our job. We purchase and sell most auto body scrap (scrap car body) includes Engine and Radiator on it or without it up to customer require.

Wrought iron or steel scrap, black or galvanized, 1 / 8 inch and over in thickness, compressed to charging box size and Weighing not less than 75 pounds per cubic foot. Removed and engine oil drained. All other contents at (With out Battery) 1. Engine 2. Sit 3. Body, chassis 4. Drive shafts 5. Bumpers 6. All Cable 7. Radiator.

As a group we currently buy, sell, process, broker, trade of auto body scrap both domestically and internationally. Over so many years of experience has enabled us to develop a comprehensive network that services auto scrap across the World. We enjoy many long-standing relationships with primary smelters, secondary smelters, refiners, foundries, mills, extruders, die casters, and junk yard that allow us to market material to a wide spectrum of consumers. We are regular suppliers of auto body scrap to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Mexico and other country.

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