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J D Global Trading Company is tungsten copper, tungsten copper alloy, tungsten copper bar, tungsten copper sheet, tungsten copper plate, tungsten copper rod supplier and exporter.

J D Global Trading Company has been providing customers over the past years with the most advanced hermetic connector and packaging technologies available to provide a controllable expansion composite matrix, yielding superior material stability and uniform thermal expansion characteristics to provide the designer a practical solution to meet critical thermal parameters.

Advantages of Tungsten Copper (WCu):

Uniform thermal expansion; High thermal conductivity; Precision flatness capability; Bondable gold plating; Thickness from .004" to .500"; Zero corner radius; Precision complex geometry; Integrated ribs; Low thermal expansion; High wear resistance; Good electrical conductivity.

Typical Physical and Mechanical Properties:

Material Composition Density (g/cm3) Thermal Conductivity W/moK 25°C Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 10-6/°C
90W/10Cu 17.0 195 6.5
85W/15Cu 16.3 204 7.0
80W/20Cu 15.4 208 8.3
75W/25Cu 14.9 223 9.0
70W/30Cu 14.3 230 9.6

Typical areas Application:

  • Heat Sinks and Spreaders
  • Microwave Carriers
  • Microelectronic Package Bases and Housings
  • Ceramic Substrate Carriers
  • GaAs and Silicon Device Mounts
  • Laser Diode Mounts  
  • Surface Mount Package Conductors
  • Microprocessor Lids
  • Rocket Parts